Farm to Table Dinner Delivery Service In Marin County

Enjoy delicious dinners prepared by local chefs delivered to your front door

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Our Story

While we were inspired by first generation meal services like Freshly and Blue Apron, we were concerned about the amount of plastic and cardboard waste. Not to mention the carbon footprint of shipping food long distances.

We want real food, made from fresh ingredients sourced locally.

Our dinners are made fresh the same day and ready to heat & eat in less than three minutes.

Delicious meals connect Happy Families

Fresh ingredients

We serve a select geographic area in order to provide the highest quality meals made fresh with sustainably sourced ingredients.

Dinnertime = Family Time

Families who eat dinner together regularly build stronger, happier family relationships. Enjoy dinner with those you love.

Good for your soul

Free yourself from cooking duties and save time for fun. Eat better with less stress. Breathe. We've got you covered.

Born in Marin with Love

Committed to using re-usable materials and eco-friendly sourcing of produce.

How it works

1. Sign Up

Select your menu preferences, the number of people in your family and your preferred days.

2. We Deliver

Select your preferred 30min delivery slot. We can leave the meal in an insulated bag by your door. 

3. Enjoy the Deliciousness

Simply heat to be ready in 3 minutes. Enjoy healthy, family-style dinners from Marin's finest eco-chefs.

Taste the Freshness

Meals made same-day with best in season ingredients

Upcoming menu

  • Tue April 27th - Spinach Artichoke Steak Roll-Ups / Harissa Chicken (or Tofu)
    Tue April 27th - Spinach Artichoke Steak Roll-Ups / Harissa Chicken (or Tofu)
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  • Wed April 28th - Tacos (Tempura Shrimp/Grilled Salmon/Tempura Tofu)
    Wed April 28th - Tacos (Tempura Shrimp/Grilled Salmon/Tempura Tofu)
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HOW We Are Different:

Family Style

Meals are prepared family style made same-day, portioned for the size of your household. Plated your own way.

Good For Environment

Food arrives in containers made from recycled materials or re-usable containers when permitted. Serve with your own utensils and dinnerware.

Unique Local Menu

Partner with local chefs and farm to table restaurants to curate best in season selections.

Small By Design

To deliver quality experience, we work locally.

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Designed for the Environment

less packaging goes into landfill

family style meals sustainably sourced