Marin Stories


Hello Dinner-Ready Friends!

Museums remain closed. 

Families are isolated.

Grandparents can't hug their children in-person.


This pandemic has changed our lives fundamentally. 

At Dinner-Ready, in addition to providing families awesome dinners, we look for ways to strengthen family and community bonds over dinner tables.


We need your help!

We are trying a new initiative:  a piece of Marin history told by people who live in Marin. 


What is the Ask? 

We ask for submissions of Marin history or short stories written in kid-friendly format, limited to 500 words.


Please let us know whether it is a true story or fiction. Submit as many as you like.


We'll select a story to be included with each delivery on a simple, single sheet of recycled paper.


What do we offer?

If your story is chosen, you will get one night of dinner for two free! 

You can let us know whether you'd like your name or email to be included in the story or you can remain anonymous.


Why are we doing this?   

- We love stories told by locals

- We picture families sharing stories over Dinner-Ready meals

- Children, and all of us, can benefit from no screen time at the dinner table. We will all enjoy reading your stories out loud and learning pieces of local Marin history. 


How do I submit a story?

Email your story to us at and share this ask with your friends who have Marin stories to tell.



Your friends at Dinner-Ready